In Beauty Center Mojacar we can solve the problem of acne with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology of V46 Medical Solutions aesthetic. There are details on this website. This technology facilitates the treatment of all skin tones and colours, from very pale to dark (Fitzpatric Scale 1-5).

We Also offer specific acne treatments for skin prone to acne that requires an extremely careful and thorough cleansing. Thanks to the treatments of our chosen skin care company Alissi Bronte, we can normalize sebaceous secretion. All products employed utilise desensitizing ingredients in order to calm the skin with thec additional benefit of purifying properties.

The occurrence of acne is due to a process hyperkeratinosis which is produced by hormonal changes, stress, etc. The body produces more fats than is able to evacuate through the pores, so that these become locked and as such,inside a colony of bacteria ( Propinbacterium Acne) is developed . The bacteria produced are anaerobic acne type, ie in direct contact with oxygen they will die. This bacterium, at a certain point produces a molecule called porphyrin, which is the substance responsible for absorbing light energy, destroying and causing a barrage of oxygen free -radicals in the area, which will produce the death of the bacteria.

In BEAUTY CENTER MOJÁCAR, we perform this treatment with IPL technology V46.


In Beauty Center Mojacar we can enhace the ant acne treatments by offering the brand Alissi Bronte to assist in the removal of acne.

Thanks to the high quality products by the brand Alissi Bronte, we can successfully treat seborrheic skins with an acneic tendency.

There are a range of products especially formulated for all seborrhoeic skin prone to acne. By its active ingredients it creates desensitizing properties, purifying and normalizing sebaceous secretion. Therefore it can combat seborrheic symptoms: inflammation, infection, clogging of pores (blackheads, pimples , etc).

In the case of acne, it is very important to daily skin care at home. So we have available in our center Beauty Center Mojácar all the necessary products to give a complete treatment.

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