In Beauty Center Mojácar, we offer a complete set of professional services for improving the appearance and condition of the face.

Facial Treatment Post- Summer, Intense Hydration.
After the summer lethargy, it's time to get ready for next season and face it with joy, vitality, health and renewed energy. This treatment is especially beneficial for those skins that have suufered in summer too much sun exposure, but is also recommended for skins which are dull, dehydrated and lacking in tone and vitality.

Treatment for Dry Skins.
Moisture - Nourishing Dry Skin Treatment with specific ingredients for lipid deficiencies, inelastic and Skins which have suffered due to environmental damage, which show signs of dryness and dehydration. Contains ingredients with properties which contribute substances to maintain water and hydration and prevent moisture loss.

Deep Moisture Treatment " Veils of Youth".
Dehydrated skin is characterized by the sensation of tightness and lack of smoothness and radiance. Any type of skin may show signs of dehydration. This treatment helps to strengthen the epidermal tissue, preventing evaporation and restoring the superficial hydro-lipid mantle.

Treatments for oily skin.
Specific treatment for oily and combination skin with a tendency to be mostly greasy. Restores the correct normalizing lipid balance and works on purifying the skin.

Anti -Aging Treatments.
In our center Mojácar Beauty Center, we are experts in all forms of Rejuvenation for more mature skins. This skin requires products that fight free radicals and stress. You must use products with protective, firming and moisturizing properties. This treatment is to repair and prevent naturally and directly the signs of skin aging, leaving the skin looking bright and rejuvenated.

On this website there is information regarding other forms of Rejuvenation Rejuvenation by IPL pulsed light (V46 Solutions Medical Aesthetics). For more medical intervention we also collaborate with a doctor of Aesthetic Medicine For each form of facial cleansing and skin treatment we have available PRODUCTS RECOMMENDED FOR self-cure (at home).

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