skin roller derma rollerMost people interested in maintaining youthful skin have heard of collagen. Collagen and elastin fibres are key structural components of the skin particularly in the lower layer (dermis).

Collagen is the protein that gives skin strength, elasticity and firmness, while elastin provides flexibility to the tissues.

As we age our skin cells become thinner and lose elasticity due to decreased levels of collagen in our body. The cells also divide more slowly thus delaying our skin regeneration.

Sun exposure also takes its toll on our skin. Our body requires more time to repair the damage from the sun exposure so we are more likely to develop wrinkles, scars and sun spots (hyperpigmentation).


How does the Dermaroller help?
A highly effective way to increase collagen levels in the skin is to use the Dermaroller roller to stimulate the area and produce collagen. Our body knows how to heal itself, it has a repair mechanism. In recent years the preferred form for the natural formation of collagen in the skin is to introduce needles or micro therapy collagen induction. The dermaroller is known as a microneedle device to stimulate collagen or a system of transdermal application for creating microchannels, and offers numerous benefits to combat cutaneous problems, for example, wrinkle reduction, Rejuvenation of skin, improvement of sagging areas of face or body, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, acne scars, reducing cellulitis (body treatment) and decreased hair loss (treatment of head).

As for the stimulation of collagen and elastin production (which volumise the skin eliminating wrinkles and scars ) , many consider it as effective as ablative ( Rejuvenation by laser, dermabrasion, chemical peeling) and non-ablative ( CO2 laser , FRAXEL or IPL) .


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